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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you’re a fan of newspapers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is making it easier to get the content you want.

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The NewsSlide app is blending the line between old-fashioned newspaper and today’s digital platforms.

The free app is now online. It offers all the content you love from the Post-Gazette — all in one edition that’s delivered to your digital device every morning at 5 a.m.

“You get that edition delivered daily and you really feel like this is the news that I needed to know as living in Pittsburgh today, and I can start my day,” Post-Gazette Vice President and General Manager Lisa Hurm said.

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It used to be that on a rainy day you didn’t want to go to the newsstand to pick up the paper. But now from the Post-Gazette, NewsSlide makes it that all you have to do is reach into your pocket, and everything is right there.

“In the newspaper, you would get maybe a photo and you would get the print story, but here we can go into so much more detail and give you so much more access behind the scenes as to what’s going on,” Deputy Managing Editor Jim Lovino said.

It’s all there. News, sports, op-ed, even the funny pages and obituaries. But, don’t think for a minute that this is the death of the printed page.

“The print is very important to this market and our commitment to print continues, but we also know that the world has changed and people need to have their news with them almost 24/7 nowadays,” Hurm said.

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The Post-Gazette hopes people slide into their day by sliding through the online edition via NewsSlide.