Port Authority Police Conducting Thorough Investigation Of AccidentBy Marty Griffin

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Investigators are looking to determine if the actions of two Port Authority bus drivers played a role in a pedestrian accident on the East Busway that sent a woman to the hospital.

Video shows the moment the woman was struck.

Police say she walked in front of a parked bus and was hit by the 71 East bus that was headed outbound. The victim suffered a concussion, cuts and bruises, and a broken arm and broken ribs.

The accident happened Monday afternoon at the Homewood station on the East Busway. Investigators immediately shut it down after the accident.

Crews towed the bus involved off-site where they will try to determine if there were mechanical problems.

Amy Wadas’ Report:

Meanwhile, the surveillance camera video of the accident is disturbing. It shows the young woman running from the bus stop, into the busway and directly into the path of the bus.

Sources tell KDKA’s Marty Griffin that the victim was thrown into the air, and knocked out cold at impact. There was such concern for her, sources confirm strangers were praying over her at the scene.

Sources say investigators are looking at the actions of two drivers. The driver who was parked along the curb, and the driver of the bus that hit the woman.

Questions being asked include: Did the driver parked along the curb block the victim’s view? Was the driver of the bus that hit the woman speeding? Should the drivers be cited, suspended or fired?

No determination has been made at this point.

Port Authority released this statement from spokesman Jim Ritchie:

“The unfortunate accident that occurred at the Homewood station on Monday is being investigated by Port Authority’s police and operations personnel. They’re obviously considering all aspects of the accident and using video surveillance video footage within the ongoing investigation.”

Investigators are looking at whether the parked driver violate policy by not pulling up to silver bars, which would have stopped passengers from crossing in front of the bus.

As for the driver in the bus that hit the woman, investigators are looking at whether that driver may have been going too fast after coming through a bus stop.