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NEW BRIGHTON (KDKA) — A New Brighton couple says they’ll be sleeping with a gun on their nightstand after a brazen suspect staked out their home for three hours before breaking in Saturday night.

“If he came back I’d shoot him and I wouldn’t shoot him in the leg,” said Lisa Ferguson, homeowner. “I would shoot to kill him because it’s insane what he did to us.”

Lisa and Michael Ferguson say they threw a Halloween Party this past weekend and invited more than 30 people. It was as that party was winding down that the home’s security cameras captured a suspect creeping around the property and peeking in windows. The couple only thought to check the security camera footage after cash went missing from a wallet and the family’s safe had been tampered with.

(Source: New Brighton Borough)

“With everybody here, who would think that this was what you had to worry about?” said Michael Ferguson.

The couple says they’re concerned by the amount of time the suspect loitered around the house.

“It’s almost like he’s doing this for some kind of kicks, and what will he do next to get his fix?” he said.

New Brighton Police released surveillance pictures of the suspect and say that he’s broken into several more homes in the area.

The suspect is described as a taller, light-skinned black male between 25-30 years old with a mustache and chin hair.

Police are asking for residents to call the department with any tips at 724-846-2270.