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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Polls suggest most Americans, including local expert Dr. Cyril Wecht, believe John F. Kennedy was assassinated by more than the single assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

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It has been 54 years since President Kennedy was assassinated.

And for some, questions about who killed him and why linger.

On Thursday, the government plans to release new documents about the assassination.

Polls suggest most Americans, including Dr. Cyril Wecht, believe John F. Kennedy was assassinated by more than the single assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

“What I hope to see is the truth — that this was a conspiracy,” Wecht told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Wednesday.

That’s what Wecht hopes is revealed when the government releases previously concealed documents on the JFK assassination.

“There was more than one person involved in the shooting,” said the renowned forensic pathologist.

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“Whether Oswald was a shooter or not, [and] clearly show that there was a second shooter from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll.”

“Two shooters make it a conspiracy, as you and I know, which means the doors must be reopened, the investigation must be renewed,” says Wech

Wecht has long ridiculed the official single bullet theory that one bullet killed the President and injured Texas Governor John Connolly.

“The one bullet that produced seven wounds in two men, broke two large bones in Governor Connolly, emerged essentially pristine with no deformation at all.”

And the man who has autopsied thousands says the public needs to appreciate who autopsied the President.

“You begin with two guys, Humes and Boswell, who had never done a single gunshot wound autopsy in their entire careers.”

In Wecht’s view, intentional or not, that was part of a government cover-up of a coup d’etat engineered by a few CIA and military leaders opposed to President Kennedy.

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“I don’t think that more than four or five people sat down and made this decision and then, of course, everything played out, beginning with Oswald, and then the killing of Oswald by Jack Ruby, and so on, using the Mafia when necessary.”