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ROSTRAVER (KDKA) — A man is lucky to be alive after police say he was attacked in Westmoreland County by the owner of an auto repair business whose gun jammed during the alleged assault.

Yellow police tape still hangs on the front of Reed’s Garage along State Route 906 in Belle Vernon.

It’s where investigators say 56-year-old Paul Reed, the business owner, and another man, identified as Michael Nutt, got into an argument. Authorities say Reed then attacked the victim.

“He attempted to choke him, choke the victim, strangle him, to the point where the victim felt that he was losing consciousness. He was able to throw Mr. Reed off of him,” said Rostraver Police Chief Greg Resetar.

What the two men were arguing over, Rostraver Police are still trying to get to the bottom of, but they say it was Reed who took the disagreement to a new level.

“Mr. Reed pulls out a gun, points the gun directly at his chest, threatens to kill him, pulls the trigger, the gun fails to fire,” said Chief Resetar.

Stunned he was still standing, Nutt told police he took off. As the victim tried to get away, Reed – who has a history of violence – got his gun working.

“Mr. Reed then pointed the weapon at the victim, fired the gun, it did discharge, he missed him. He then fired a second round and also missed the victim,” Chief Resetar said.

Beyond fortunate to still be alive, Nutt took off down Route 906. He was eventually treated for his injuries.

After getting reports of shots fired, officers showed up at Reed’s Garage, arrested Reed and recovered the gun allegedly used in the incident.

“He was charged with aggravated assault, attempted homicide, recklessly endangering another person, strangulation, several counts of simple assault and terroristic threats,” Chief Resetar said.

Reed is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail on $100,000 straight cash bond.