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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — People are paying more at the gas pump this fall.

Normally, prices tend to decrease around this time of year, but right now, prices are going up. The average price per gallon in the region is $2.81, and that is almost 40 cents higher than a year ago.

Few of us work or go to school where we live, so burning gas is a reality of our lives.

“You have to have the gas,” Ivan Scott, of New Castle, said. “I’m actually searching on my app sometimes to find out where the cheapest gas is.”

“Just kind of used to it now, you know?” Emily Wheat, of Oakdale, said. “It’s been high for years. Just is what it is.”

Gas prices have jumped in the last week about 7 cents a gallon, fueled by global speculators seeing a tightening supply thanks in part to OPEC cutting production until next spring.

“They meet at the end of this month, Nov. 30,” oil price information expert Ben Brockwell said, “and everyone is expecting that production cut agreement to be rolled forward through all of 2018.”

Brockwell says the turmoil in the royal Saudi family’s government structure over the weekend is further fueling the rise, and the consumer ends up on the short end of the gallon.

“I have a fairly long commute, about 30 minutes, plus I’ve got my daughter in day care, so I’m spending a lot each day,” Erin Boyd, of Robinson Township, said. “It’s hard when lots of your money goes to gas.”

“Prices could go up another 10, 15 or 20 cents before it calms down,” Brockwell said.