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MONROEVILLE (KDKA) – A landlord in Monroeville is frustrated and wants answers after a sinkhole opened up in the parking lot of his apartment complex.

Now, he’s trying to figure out how to fix it.

“I don’t know who or how this is going to get taken care of, but I’m going up to Monroeville and somebody better have answers for me,” said Richard Cline, building owner.

Answers to the question: how in the world did this happen? Crumbled concrete, ripped netting and a gaping hole in the Monroeville apartment complex’s parking lot.

Cline said it’s safe to say his Monday is ruined.

“One of my tenants called me and I was shocked. I was overwhelmed,” said Cline.

Cline said the sinkhole opened up sometime late Sunday afternoon and the recent heavy rainfall only exacerbated the problem.

“This was totally filled with water. It looked like a swimming pool,” he said.

Thankfully, no parked cars or people were nearby at the time of collapse.

The creek funnels into roughly 100 yards of galvanized pipe that runs underneath his building and then back out the other side. Cline says a tree company left behind logs and debris that he thinks clogged the pipe and made the ground give way.

“I have six units here and everybody realizes that this is out of my control and I’m always maintaining my property and my buildings and I put a lot of money in this place,” said Cline.

Cline said he will be talking with an attorney and city officials on Monday to try to resolve the issue as fast as possible.