By Ron Smiley

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Western Pennsylvania, get ready for a blast of winter.

Thursday morning lows at the Pittsburgh International airport fell to 27 degrees. It’s the coldest weather recorded in Pittsburgh since March 23. That’s a span of 231 days.

Temperatures are expected to only go lower over the next two mornings behind a cold front that will bring a quick round of rain and snow tonight.

Overall, expect temperatures to go from the low 50s for highs on Thursday down to 32 degrees by midnight. Afternoon Friday highs will only be in the mid to upper 20s, as this very cold chunk of Arctic air moves in.

temperature forecast Coldest Temps Of Season Expected, Snow Possible Overnight

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Any snow that falls in the overnight hours should melt fairly quickly, but with strong winds coming out of the northwest and additional potential lake effect snow moving in from Lake Erie, we could see some slick spots out on area roadways Friday morning.

Motorists are advised to drive with caution.

Friday morning lows should fall to the mid to low 20s with some communities seeing teens in isolated places. At this time the most likely places to see teens on Friday morning would be along Interstate 80 and/or elevated areas. Wind speeds could top 15 mph, bringing the wind chill down to around 15 degrees in some places.

In short, you’re going to want to bundle up.

Friday afternoon will see a slight warm-up with afternoon temperatures in the mid-to-upper 20s. Friday’s highs will likely be reached at midnight as temperatures continue to fall behind the cold front. Friday afternoon and evening will both be dry.

low temp Coldest Temps Of Season Expected, Snow Possible Overnight

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Veterans Day will see the coldest weather of the season so far with wake-up temperatures forecast to be in the teens. The record low for the day is 21 degrees and there’s a solid chance it is broken.

Some model data has Saturday morning temperatures falling to as low as 12 degrees. KDKA-TV Meteorologist Ron Smiley is forecasting a morning low of 19 degrees at this time.

This early taste of winter weather won’t be sticking around too long. Saturday highs should hit the 40-degree mark with Sunday highs in the 50s.