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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Crystal McCormick of Monroeville looks forward to decorating for the holidays. This year, she was hoping to do something different with her front window when she saw an infomercial for the Window Wonderland.

It claims to transform your holiday display from “ordinary to extraordinary.”

After watching that infomercial, McCormick couldn’t help but wonder does it really do that? If it does, how does it work?

So, KDKA-TV’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland tried it out with Crystal.

Opening the box, it seems pretty simple. There was a piece of plastic for the screen, a projector, a stand and a cord.

Crystal used the piece of plastic to measure the window. McCormick improvised on the measurements, because a tape measure was not included.

Crystal described the start of the process as “very easy.”

The plastic, which turns into the projection screen, attaches to the window of your choice. However, it must be tightly in place in order to work properly.

With the plastic screen in place, it was time to set up the projector. Crystal was surprised the projector didn’t weigh more.

“It’s very light. I don’t see anything on the bottom,” she said.

The projector screws onto a stand, and there’s an electrical cord that plugs into the wall. But, the cord proved to be a problem.

“It’s not a long cord. Not long at all,” Crystal said.

Once they realized how short the electrical cord was, they had to re-think how to arrange the projector in front of the window.

The new position worked well and reached the electrical outlet, but it still didn’t seem very sturdy.

It was still a little wobbly. After trying to steady the projector a few times, it wasn’t quite straight or secure.

Crystal did not quite understand why.

“We keep trying to tighten it, and it is in the hole where it’s supposed to be,” she said.

They tried for a while to shore up the projector and the stand, but it never seemed to be quite right.

“It’s just a little wobbly, she said. “I don’t want to have to hold it.”

After a while, they were able to get the projector, sort of straight and turned out the lights to see if the window would dazzle. Crystal was relieved to see that it worked in spite of the wobbliness.

But, she hadn’t seen how it looked from the outside yet.

There was a picture in the window, which needed some tweaking, and McCormick wasn’t sure it was exactly the look she was going for.

“It does do it, it does do it. I think we would have to maybe have a bigger home, or a deeper room to go further back,” she said.

On second glance though, maybe there was more they could to do make it work. The infomercial did say there was a button to switch from a vertical shade to a horizontal one. Maybe that would help.

They definitely needed the projector in the vertical position for Crystal’s front window, but there was still the issue of the wobbly base. In fact, at one point the projector tipped over.

They decided to open a second one to see if it had the same problem. Crystal put it together the exact same way as the first projector. But, the results this time? Crystal was pleased.

“This one is a lot sturdier…big difference,” she said.

One sturdy and one with a significant wobble. A little inconsistency in the quality, but that aside, Crystal really liked the end result.

So does Window Wonderland really do that?

Our Window Wonderland tester said, “yes.”

“It does do that. It does what it says, and says what it does.”

The Window Wonderland offers 12 different movies – six for Christmas and six for Halloween.

McCormick says she would definitely pitch her fiber optic tree for the eye-catching scenes of the wonderland.

In fact, she thought the Window Wonderland looked quite nice in her Monroeville townhome.

“That looks really pretty.”

Lynne Hayes-Freeland