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HAZELWOOD (KDKA) – Carnegie Mellon University is investing in a new center in Hazelwood. It will specialize in robotic technology, specifically, robots themselves.

“Pittsburgh is the center of robotics design and research and commercialization,” says Joel Reed, the vice president of I Am Robotics.

Inside an old steel plant, experts are setting up a working robot research center. The goal is to refine robotics technology and use it to help humans.

“[It] has been used in bomb disposal, doing dangerous tasks to keep humans safe,” says Jorgen Pedersen or RE2 Robotics. “What came out of that research is true human-like capability. It’s compact, it’s lightweight. It’s strong and it’s mobile.

Researchers at the center will work with experts around the country to refine robotics manufacturing. The Green’s Mill facility will be finished in the spring of 2019. The work performed there will marry technology and American manufacturing.

“Hiring is really easy here,” says Jared Glover, the CEO of CapSen Robotics. “You have a steady flow of talented people here from places like CMU and Pitt. Cost of living is low, and there are a lot of potential customers here too.”