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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Students at Avonworth Senior High School are getting a dose of reality, seeing what can happen when someone drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A student, who’s also a junior firefighter, came up with the idea to stage a mock accident. It all took place Monday morning.

It was an outdoor session Avonworth students won’t soon forget. Ohio Township Police and Emsworth firefighters conducted a simulated a head-on collision, involving students, where alcohol or drugs were involved.

Normally, these events are held during prom season.

“It happens every weekend, and we didn’t want to wait until it was an event, and students say these decisions are made every Friday night,” said Avonworth Senior High School Principal Keera Dwulit.

The simulation was so realistic, a LifeFlight helicopter was even brought into the scene.

Sean Boaks, 14, is one of three junior firefighters who came up with the idea. Even though he’s a new volunteer, he’s seen too many accidents involving young people driving while impaired.

“I wanted to bring awareness to them to not drink and drive, or do drugs and then drive, because it can hurt someone, not just the one person but many,” said Boaks, who is a freshman at the high school.

It’s hoped that by seeing what happens during a serious traffic accident, students will make better decisions.

“Some people make bad decisions, and when they do, it can end up in a bad accident, and I don’t want to have to go out and help them, but it sometimes happens,” said Boaks.

“If it makes one teenager not get into a car and not drive a car impaired then it’s all worth it,” Dwulit said.

Just in case a simulated accident doesn’t convince students about the dangers of driving while impaired, after the simulation, the students went inside for a mock funeral for one of the victims of the staged accident.