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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – For parents, it can be hard to see your child experience any sort of illness, and getting the best care possible is key.

For one mother, her journey to get the right treatment for her 2-year-old daughter brought her to Pittsburgh.

Adaline was born with a rare genetic disorder – argininosuccinic acid lyase deficiency. In short, Adaline could not process protein properly.

“At four days old, they rushed her to Nationwide Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and they told us she wasn’t going to make it,” Adaline’s mother, Julie Karg, said.

They were words no parent wants to hear, but it would not deter Adaline’s parents.

“We knew she was a miracle. There’s a reason she’s supposed to be here,” Karg said.

Adaline was immediately referred to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She was going to need a liver transplant, so her family made the trip from Ohio to Lawrenceville to see if Adeline would be a candidate.

“The procedure is to evaluate whether their disease meets the need for transplantation,” Dr. Rakesh Sindhi said.

“We’ve been on quite a journey and this seemed like the next step in our journey. Just meeting a whole new team of doctors and transplant specialists, it just seemed like, this is home and where we’re supposed to be,” Karg said.

All Adaline needed was a donor and it came in the form of a family friend, who just happened to be named Angel. She stepped up and agreed to be a living donor.

“I’m like, if she had a liver transplant it would basically give her a typical diet and a chance to be a more normal, typical kid,” Karg said.

Adaline underwent transplant surgery on Halloween of this year, and her mother saw changes in her daughter right away.

“Her hair started growing, and she started walking. Some things she’s delayed, but she’s going to get there,” Karg said.

Adaline still spends most of her days in Children’s Hospital. It’s a place her mom believes has given her a future full of hope.

“I feel safe here, knowing they’re going to take care of Adaline,” Karg said. “This is where miracles happen.”

Adaline is among the many patients being treated at Children’s Hospital.

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