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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A blackout at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport led to flight cancellations all over the world, and for passengers at Pittsburgh International Airport, it was a rough way to end their weekend.

“I came all the way to Pittsburgh just to propose to my girlfriend, now my fiancee,” Logan Beam said.

“It was the most perfect thing ever,” Olivia McGregor, a Mt. Lebanon native, said.

For Beam and McGregor, it was the ultimate Pittsburgh proposal.

“He took me to lunch up on Mt. Washington, which is one of my favorite places in the city, and then we went out to the overlook, and we’re taking pictures, and he got down on one knee and proposed,” McGregor said.

It was all good for the newly engaged couple until all the flights in and out of Atlanta shut down.

“Now I’m stuck here, and I just started my dream job in Savannah, Georgia,” Beam said, “and I have to get there by 6 a.m. tomorrow. So I’m trying everything possible to get there.”

Stranded passengers lined up at the Delta ticket counter.

“We’ve gone about 5 feet in 45 minutes,” Sue Bishop said.

Some made phone calls and fought off tears. Others, like Atlanta native Steve Bishop, took it in stride.

Bishop: “Hey, you have no control over it, so just enjoy while you’re here.”
KDKA: “So what are you gonna do?”
Bishop: “Stand in line. [laughs] Find out when we’re going to Atlanta.”

Steve and Sue Bishop are used to problems at their hometown airport.

“I do want to get home, but there’s nothing I can do about it,” Sue said. “Out of my control. So I just hope we can find a place to stay tonight, I think.”

About 1,000 flights in and out of Atlanta were canceled Sunday, and Delta has already canceled more than 300 flights Monday.