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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A lot of the big First Night events had to be moved inside due to the weather this year, but that didn’t stop anyone from celebrating the new year in style.

Instead of a puppet parade, there was a puppet party in the warmth of the August Wilson Center. Giant puppets, including one of Mayor Peduto, were dancing up a storm. There were also smaller puppets for children and adults alike to try on.

The father of one child says it was the right call to move the fun indoors.

“It’s a good idea to have it here inside,” Lenny DeMartino, of Bethel Park, said. “Our ears are still freezing.”

KDKA-TV’s David Highfield reports —


Also inside, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School with scenes from “The Nutcracker,” and a totally silent disco where the music is played through participant’s individual headphone sets, rather than loudspeakers.

Even the heartiest of the hearty had to admit, First Night “indoors” hit the right note.

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Highmark First Night always attracts tens of thousands of people to Downtown Pittsburgh, even when it’s cold out.

A lot of people came in from out of town, and they didn’t let the weather stop them from braving the bitter cold to enjoy the festivities that remained outdoors.

Even with temperatures in the teens, First Night fanatics bundled up in multiple layers and braved the chill with no fear.

KDKA-TV’s Christine D’Antonio reports —


One family from Houston, Texas, said they’re not used to anything like this, but the entertainment made it all worth it.

“We didn’t know if we would make it, but they put on a great show, and it was very fast, so that was good,” one man said. “But it was very good. The kids loved it.”

Some of those kids popped indoors to warm up, getting their faces painted, before re-entering the brisk conditions.