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NORTH SHORE (KDKA) – It is one of the messiest, squishiest, tastiest events at the Carnegie Science Center every year.

The 12th annual MessFest was held Monday. The event takes a hands-on approach to science, and helps kids learn by doing.

There are all kinds of activities, including an egg zipline.

“You actually get to build a container to try to keep an egg from breaking when it goes hurdling down our zipline and crashes into a target,” says Jill Rible, a Science Educator at the Carnegie Science Center.

“We also have pi-eating races,” says Rible. She’s referring to Pi, as in 3.14. “We have chocolate and vanilla pudding on a plate, and the kids have a chance to go ahead and eat as much as they possibly can, as quickly as they can. Whoever cleans their plate first is the winner.”

Another big hit? Oobleck.

It’s made of cornstarch and water, and has properties of both a liquid and a solid.

“It was really fun to play with because it acts like a solid when you smack it, but if you slowly put your hand in it, it acts like a liquid,” says Brenden Rusiewicz, a MessFest participant.

The event is a big hit with parents, too. Why? They don’t have to clean up.

“With three boys, it’s not uncommon to be messy,” says Heather Rusiewicz, a parent from Murrysville. “It just gives us a good excuse to be together as a family, and the mess is OK!”