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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Buyer beware! A warning for Steelers fans to be on the lookout for two online scams. With playoffs right around the corner, scammers are taking advantage of people looking for jerseys and tickets online.

The website: is one of the sites the Better Business Bureau is warning Steelers fans about.

“I would probably buy stuff from that all the time. Doesn’t look fake at all,” said Cole Strain, from Burgettstown.

It falsely claims to be accredited by the BBB.

“You would think that it is legitimate. But when you click on the BBB link, and it goes nowhere, that should be a clue,” said Gio Pizzo, of Pittsburgh.

It also promises to be secure, but if you study it closely, you see it’s not.

“It definitely looks legitimate, it has the Steelers logo on the left side,” said Tina Rosensteel, of Beaver County.

The BBB tells KDKA, one Pittsburgh woman was already scammed and can’t get a refund. The website domain is registered in China.

“When you make a purchase through an unsecured website, not only are you at risk of losing money, you’re also putting yourself at risk of identity theft,” Caitlin Driscoll, of the Better Business Bureau.

Counterfeit ticket sales are the other thing to watch out for on bogus sites and with re-sellers.

“It’s important for people to be aware of different websites that are simply resellers of tickets. They may not verify the actual legitimacy of those tickets. They’re just providing that re-seller service,” said Driscoll.

The BBB recommends some tips for online buying:

1) Make sure the website starts with h-t-t-p-s — the “s” indicates security
2) Also, look for the little green lock icon — showing the site is verified and secure
3) Always pay with a credit card — it’s the easiest way to recoup your losses if there is a fraud

“Verify any refund policies and that the seats actually exist. Determine the seats location,” said Driscoll.

4) Verify the company’s physical address
5) See if they have a working phone number — not just a submission form to contact them
6) Carefully read their refund and exchange policies

No matter what you are buying, it’s always a good idea to see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If a business is accredited, clicking the icon will take you to and you can see the business listed.

Another website the BBB is warning consumers about is It falsely claims to be accredited by the BBB. There is no address listed or phone number. The only way to reach the company is by emailing a submission form.