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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A few weeks back, KDKA told you the sad tale of Don Cameron, an aging U.S. Army vet, who seems to have misplaced his trust in a home health aide named Melissa Miller, who moved her family into his house and moved Cameron out.

She even had him sign over power of attorney, giving her control over all of his finances, making thousands of dollars of purchases while all bills and utilities went unpaid.

“They stripped everything from this man. Everything he worked for this his whole life, it’s gone. His home, his cars, his property. They’ve destroyed it, and now they won’t leave,” said Nadine Carson, Cameron’s stepdaughter.

But even though Cameron is now in an apartment two towns away, Miller and her family have refused to leave. But state Constable Terrence Crumby may force their hand with an order of eviction.

Inside the house, you could hear dogs barking and young people’s voices. A teenage girl came to the door when Crumby knocked, but she did not linger. So, the constable left the notice for the Millers to appear in court in 10 days, but not before getting a glimpse inside.

“Lot of dogs inside the home,” Crumby said. “The home is very, very, it seems like destroyed inside from what I could see from the kitchen. There’s a lot of garbage in there.”

Pictures taken recently during a surprise visit by Carson confirm the house is filthy and in disarray, filled with garbage and clutter amid all the dogs and cats.

And while now eviction seems likely, the Millers are also under investigation by Mercer County Adult Protective Services and two police departments, including the Hermitage police, who say they are now ready to turn their findings over the district attorney.

“We have to try to piece it all together and make sense out of it, and present it for potential prosecution,” said a local official.

Cases like it can be painstaking, but given what the constable saw, it may call for immediate action. Crumby told Carson he’ll be turning the matter over to code enforcement.

“We need to get them out of there because it’s very bad,” he said.

The Millers couldn’t be reached for comment, but have maintain they were invited into the home, and took care of Cameron.

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