Foster Says Steelers Will Be More Mature Moving Forward

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- Steelers guard Ramon Foster joined “The Fan Morning Show” Tuesday for the final time in his weekly spot at 8 a.m. to wrap up the season.

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Plenty has been made in the fallout of the Divisional round loss to the Jaguars, by both the Jaguars players and the media, about Steelers doing a lot of talking before Sunday’s game. There were reports that Mike Mitchell was yelling to the Jaguars’ players right outside their locker room before the game.

Ramon heard those reports, among others.

“If that’s true, it’s comical,” said Foster. “I like Mike. Mike is a very outspoken guy who’s very passionate. I have no problem with a guy playing off of passion or saying something out there as long as you back it up. We’ll be more mature moving forward about certain stuff. I see their guys talking crap now about us and the thing is, to the winner goes the spoils. If you talk crap and you back it up, hey, I’m okay with that. But, we’ll see moving forward next year about the outside stuff.”

Foster said that there will need to be discussions had about distractions surrounding the team and keeping things tighter for next season.

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“I feel like those conversations will have to happen this upcoming year and in an in-house type of way also, I don’t want anybody to know about what’s been said or when it was said or maybe guys can grow from those words and it doesn’t have to be said moving forward,” said Foster. “I’d rather just be a plain Jane and bland the rest of the way whenever we’re dealing with this type of stuff because I know for sure they were motivated on the field behind some of the stuff.”

Foster continued saying that some things organizationally will need to change for more success in the future.

“It’ll be some stuff that has to be cleared up about our operation and just bulletin board material moving forward,” said Foster. “This day and age though, it’s kind of hard to police guys in that sense, but I think for the betterment of the team, guys have to realize that we say we’re going to do this and we have all this talent on this team and we want to play in Super Bowls and whatnot, but all that means nothing if we don’t come out there and we don’t actually do our job like we’re supposed to.”

As for on-field performance, what about the short fourth down tries that weren’t converted?

“It’s not my call…we have a short yardage package that we work off of based on what the defense is giving us,” said Foster. “Whatever was called, I don’t know who it was from, but we’ve run it before. It’s just a point of executing it. Now, maybe Jacksonville had a beat on what we were doing and they knew what plays were going to be there so we just didn’t convert at the end of the day.”

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You can hear the entire interview with Ramon Foster on “The Fan Morning Show” above.