McCutchen: 'Pittsburgh... It’s Home. It Will Always Be Home.'By Julie Grant

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Andrew McCutchen may be playing for the San Francisco Giants now, but he is not leaving Pittsburgh.

In a heartfelt thank you letter, published on “The Players Tribune,” Cutch said “it’s just a trade,” it’s not a goodbye.

Thirteen years of playing in Pittsburgh and Andrew McCutchen learned of his trade to the Giants when everybody else did. After putting his son Steel down for a nap, the missed calls, texts and news alert said it all.

“It’s like, one minute I was just hanging out, and my biggest worry was if my son would fall asleep for his afternoon nap. And then the next, it was like, my life as I knew it wouldn’t ever be the same,” wrote McCutchen.

“It’s a bummer. You could tell he really wanted to stay here. I mean he named his son Steel for Pittsburgh. But I’m happy for him. I think San Francisco will be a good fit for him. Hopefully, he can get a ring out there,” said fan, Christina Hritz, of South Park.

Like Derek Jeter’s name is synonymous with New York because of his career with the Yankees, McCutchen was hoping the same would happen for him with the Pirates and Pittsburgh.

“It’s just a trade. It’s not an eraser to my time as a Pirate — and it’s definitely not a goodbye to the city of Pittsburgh. My time playing for this team… it doesn’t go away, just because I’m going to play for another,” wrote McCutchen.

“It’s nice to see positive comments after not the best situation. I’m sure he would have liked to stay,” said fan, Ben Wolfe, of Pittsburgh.

McCutchen is staying in another way.

“We’ve got a beautiful house here, and we plan on using it. Pittsburgh… It’s home. It will always be home,” wrote McCutchen.

“It’s just a major loss for the city. I think this probably benefits the owners more than it does the city and I just hope that with the possible change in management for the Pirates he may come back one day,” said fan, Bob Mushinsky, of Ross Township.

McCutchen closes the thank you letter by writing, “And I might be closing the door on this stage of my life … But it’s a glass door. That, you can be sure of. I’m going to look back through it, fondly and often. And I’m going to walk back through it, when the time is right. This team will always mean a lot to me. And this city will always mean everything.”

When he returns to Pittsburgh this May, Cutch has one thing for Pirates fans to keep in mind.

“If you see me, say hey — and maybe throw a “Cutch!” in if you’re in the mood. I’ll be the guy who looks familiar, walking around like he knows the place — with a few fresh tears, and a big ol’ smile.

With San Francisco on his shirt. And Pittsburgh in his heart.”