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SHARPSBURG (KDKA) – A plan to bring together some local police departments is moving forward. Leaders in one community signed off on the consolidation plan Thursday night.

Sharpsburg was the first of the five communities to vote in favor of a police regionalization plan. If it’s approved, there would be one large police department for Fox Chapel, Aspinwall, O’Hara Township, Blawnox and Sharpsburg.

Right now, Sharpsburg has six full-time police officers.

“I think that will be very good for our community,” said Jim Kasperowski, who lives in Sharpsburg. “There will be more men on patrol and probably less crime over here.”

The five municipalities held a closed door session on Jan. 17.

The Sharpsburg Council voted unanimously in favor of the regionalization plan Thursday night.

The other four municipalities would also have to approve the plan.

“It would be great, I think, for more than six officers, in the neighborhood. It would be a benefit to the people in the neighborhood,” said Kathy Praillo, who operates Roots of Faith, a community organization in Sharpsburg. “Anything for Sharspburg, I’m for that, because I live here and I love Sharpsburg. It’s not about the police officers coming into the community. It’s about the community joining to love each other.”

Her husband, Darryl, has some concern.

About the Sharpsburg police he said, “They’re very congenial. Their presence is seen and known in this community. And it’s not like they harass anybody.  I see them doing their job, but as opposed to the other ones, I don’t know the other ones and would they act like the ones that we know.”

All of the communities that would be part of the regional police department are part of the Fox Chapel Area School District. This would be another tie for the neighboring communities.