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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writers will end a four-day byline strike.

The strike began Thursday with reporters keeping their names off of their stories.

The strike was an effort from members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh to bring attention to the contractual issues Post-Gazette employees have been experiencing.

“One hundred percent of the 150 members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh want to show management and our readers that 12 years of giving back to this company has to end,” Mike Fuoco, of the Pittsburgh Newspaper Guild, said last week.

The names of the reporters, photographers, columnists and graphic artists will return to the paper Monday.

The members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh feel they successfully alerted the public of the contractual issues they’re facing.

“We always planned for it to last only as long was necessary for us to get the word out that the company’s concessionary proposal is completely unacceptable after 12 years and counting of pay, benefit and staffing cuts,” Fuoco said in a release Sunday.

Some writers may continue to withhold bylines, which they have a contractual right to do.

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