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MOUNT WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Nearly two weeks ago, a woman flipped her car after a water main break turned a Mount Washington road into a sheet of ice.

She continues to recover from her injuries, but thinks the crash could have been prevented if officials would have closed the road sooner.

Kellee Masucci said she’s thankful to be alive and on the road to recovery. But, she still has a lot of questions and wants to know why Woodruff Street was open the night of the crash.

“I hit and then I rolled and I don’t remember none of that. I don’t remember the point of impact, I don’t remember that. I just remember laying there and I smelled smoke,” Masucci said.

Her airbags deployed, windows burst and Masucci found herself hanging upside down.

“When I found the door, the door handle was at the bottom and I had to reach down to grab it and that’s when I realized like hey, I’m on top, I’m upside down,” she said.

While turning onto Woodruff Street, she hit ice, which sent her barreling out of control toward the Wabash Tunnel.

The crash happened around 11 p.m., many hours after she says neighbors first reported the water main break.

“The city encourages us to call 311. ‘Hey, as a community if something is really wrong in the community, you have to call 311 and we put the ball in your hands.’ And you guys dropped the ball and all you had to do was block off the road,” she said.

The day of the crash, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority said it planned to investigate its response to the break.

KDKA-TV was told crews applied salt to the road three hours before Masucci crashed. PWSA directed us to call the Public Works Department for an answer as to why no one closed the road.

“If it made me angry, it would make me bitter. I’m not bitter. I’m here and blessed. You know, my son has me. But, it saddens me to know that it took this for them to just go and put a barricade up,” she said.

Masucci said she does plan to sit down with her attorney this week. She isn’t sure exactly what she wants to come out of that meeting, but she would at least like an apology.

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