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BUTLER (KDKA) — A man is facing charges, accused of making fake deposits into a Butler County ATM, and then withdrawing actual money that was not in his account.

On six occasions last year in June and July, police say 43-year-old Jason Vogan made deposits to the tune of $10,000 at the ATM at downtown Butler’s First Commonwealth Bank.

The problem is, the envelopes were empty.

Butler City Deputy Police Chief David Adam said of Vogan, “He admitted to doing it. He needed the money.”

Police say Vogan would use his real name on empty deposit envelopes and an account from First National Bank to make fake deposits at First Commonwealth Bank, and then withdraw the money immediately.

“I don’t believe he had any money in the other banking account,” said Chief Adam. “I think what he was doing was putting fake information on the envelope, sliding it into the ATM machine, they calculated it as money, he went and took the money out when there was no money in there, before they had time to check it and withdraw the deposit.”

Vogan was seen on bank surveillance video making the deposits, and investigators say he was able to steal more than $2,400 before getting caught.

Police say he was wearing the same clothes and hat in the video that he wore when he was brought in for questioning.

KDKA’s Brenda Waters spoke with a bank manager who says most ATMs now have smart technology. In fact, they are called smart ATMs and it eliminates fraud. On the smart ATMs, an actual check is scanned and access to funds is not immediate.

Vogan was arrested and taken to the Butler County Prison. He was released Thursday afternoon.