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SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – DNA testing has led to a warrant being issued for a man accused of attempting to break into a Westmoreland County home.

According to police, the incident happened at a Sewickley Township home in the early morning hours of Oct. 20, 2016.

The homeowner told police he was sleeping on the couch when someone started kicking at the door.

“We had an elderly person who heard someone coming to his door, and that criminal was trying to force his way into this elderly man’s house,” said Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Stephan Limani.

The suspect, Herbert Ross, allegedly kicked out a door panel, reached through the opening with a sparking Taser and attempted to open it by using the knob. However, the homeowner started striking the intruder with a cane.

At that point, Ross allegedly stuck a handgun through the opening. Once again, the homeowner started striking the intruder with the cane.

“The victim says the would-be burglar stuck a firearm inside the residence, trying to force his way in,” said Trooper Limani. “The victim stayed true to his fight and was beating him with the cane to try to keep this man from coming in his house.”

Eventually, Ross gave up on the door and smashed the front window of the home. Again, the homeowner fought off the intruder with his cane.

As Ross was fleeing the scene, he allegedly punctured three tires on the homeowner’s vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, Ross likely cut himself on the broken glass as he tried to climb through the window. As a result, blood was visible on the curtains. DNA evidence was collected and entered into evidence.

DNA test results were obtained earlier this month, which matched Ross’ profile from a previous arrest.

“There was blood left at the scene, and we were able to get a DNA profile,” Trooper Limani said.

Ross’ whereabouts are unknown, and he has a criminal past and two active bench warrants.

“If anybody has any idea where Mr. Ross is at, please contact the state police in Greensburg,” said Trooper Limani.