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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — You think a Gulf Coast sunset is bright on Anna Maria Island, well, it’s nothing compared to the brightness of a smiling Josh Harrison while holding his little girl, Kinsli Rose.

“Five months, getting big,” says Harrison of the newest addition to his family. “Big sister is doing well, mom’s doing well. Outnumbered… house full of girls, but it’s worth it.”

Kinsli was born as last season ended, and Mia Jade just turned 4.

“For those that think 1 is hard, 2 is a little different, especially when there is a toddler involved that is full of energy. But it’s fun, it’s definitely a blessing and I love it,” Harrison says.

Harrison might have a double play, but his double play partner on the field just one upped him.

“Had another boy in the off-season, so down to three now. It’s pretty crazy, but everybody is great,” said Jordy Mercer.

For those keeping Mercer family count, the kids are now 5-years, 2-years, and 5-months-old.

“I want to be just normal when I go home,” says Mercer. “So, I want to get up, take the kids to school. I don’t think about resting, I just want to be a normal dad.”

David Freese is a normal dad in training.

“Kai right around 4-months. It’s awesome,” says Freese.

Corey Dickerson can vouch for that. Davis is 3, and Miller has his dad doing diapers again.

KDKA’s John Shumway: “Do you change them?”

Dickerson: “Sometimes, I’m sure my wife would disagree, but you know, we’re right back in them. I’m sure I’m going to be doing my share.”

Meanwhile, Sean Rodriguez has a full house with two girls and two boys.

“10,8,5 and 3,” he says. “It’s fun, it’s active.”

And he says every day a blessing. The entire family was in their SUV when it was hit by a stolen police car in Miami during last year’s off-season.

“The kids do good, my wife still has a lot of physical therapy, she is still limping around, still trying to get back to normal. But she keeps its light,” he says. “It’s a blessing, I have a real strong woman.”