By Kym Gable

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NORTH HILLS (KDKA) — People pumping gas were the targets of thieves and criminals trying to steal credit card information in the North Hills.

In these cases, the weapons are technology and the criminals themselves are nowhere to be found.

“And what the actor did was he compromised the pump at where the door is for the pump,” Giant Eagle Corporate Communications Director Dan Donovan said.

On Monday, March 19, the GetGo on McKnight Road was notified by a third-party bank of suspicious activity at pump number one. Right now, they’re calling it an act of attempted theft.

“We launched an investigation of every single pump in the Pittsburgh area,” Donovan said. “As of today, we can say with confidence, this incident is isolated to one pump at our McKnight Road GetGo.”

The so-called skimmer was inserted inside the machine. It’s possible the skimmer has been collecting customer payment card data since Oct. 1, 2017.

Donovan says customers should always check the card scanner and red security tape where the panel would open up.

gas pump security tape Credit Card Skimmer Discovered At North Hills GetGo May Have Been There For Months

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“So unfortunately, this is a reality for all fuel retailers, that attempted bad actors could make efforts like this,” Donovan said. “What’s important for us and our customers is we take every measure we can to prevent this from happening in the future and in fact, we are advancing the roll-out of additional technologies to help do that.”

Information at risk includes the name, card number and expiration date. The CVV code, debit pins and Giant Eagle Advantage Card data were not impacted.

Customers can contact GetGo Customer Care on the phone at 1-800-553-2324 between 7 a.m. and midnight or online at