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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A boat had been floating in the Allegheny River for months. No one seemed to know what happened to it, or better yet, why no one removed it.

So, after being fed up with just watching the boat bob in the water, some concerned citizens decided to Get Marty.

From his downtown Pittsburgh high-rise, Bob Lamar loves most of what he sees

Lamar refers to the boat as barely floating, half sunk, full of garbage and a bunch of other junk.

It’s sitting along the Allegheny River, tied up right in front of PNC Park.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Every time Lamar and others who love their views see it, they get irritated.

“It’s been there since the end of the typical boating season late last year,” Lamar said. “I’d like to see it gone. I’d like to find out who can effect that change and get it out of there.”

Lamar sent Marty Griffin an email which read:

“Someone must have the authority to tow that piece of junk out of the river, fine the owner and bill him for the costs, but no one seems to act.”

“Several yards away on the North Shore, you couldn’t have a car sitting right there. Whether it’s on a public street or private property, it likely would not be there. The waterways seem to be a point of mystery,” Lamar said.

The boat has been there so long it actually sunk and popped back up following the winter freeze and thaw along the Allegheny River.

“It’s gone down with the ice. Couple of months ago, when it was totally submerged under the ice, I was hoping it wouldn’t re-appear. It gets resurrected when the ice went away,” Lamar said.

The owner also promised various agencies he would move it several different times.

As it turns out, police, the Coast Guard and the Fish and Game Commission have zero authority to move the boat.

The only agency with any authority on the mater is the Sports and Exhibition Authority.

Taylor blice and doug straley…with the sea.

“It’s been frustrating to get it moved,” Taylor Blice, of the SEA, said.

“We have a bad apple every now and then and this is what we’re dealing with,” Doug Straley said.

Here’s what the SEA did:

They tried politely asking the boat owner to move it, but he didn’t.

So, they sent him a legal demand letter. They will have the boat towed and will pay the several thousand dollar fee and sue the owner to recover the money.

“Even if the public has to spend some money, it’s worth it to get out of here and sue the gentleman – the owner – to recoup the cost,” Straley said.

The SEA made it happen. As soon as the tow company was promised payment, they got down on the river and moved the boat and towed it away.

Lamar couldn’t be happier.

The owner’s story is still a bit of a mystery. Griffin spoke with him once on the phone, but the gentleman hung up. He texted Griffin and said he would explain why the boat ended up outside PNC Park.

However, he has failed to do so.

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