1 Suspect In Custody, 1 Remains On The Run

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UPPER TYRONE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police say a Fayette County woman was beaten and stomped on so badly the suspect left a bootprint in her skin.

Investigators say given what she endured, the assault victim’s survival is remarkable.

“She’s lucky,” Trooper Robert Broadwater said.

She was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend, 43-year-old Earl Jacob Soares, and 43-year-old Charles Wayne Younkin Jr. Soares allegedly struck the woman first.

earl soares charles younkin jr Brutal Assault Leaves Bootprint In Fayette Co. Womans Skin

(Photo Credit: Facebook & Fayette County Jail)

“Her boyfriend, Mr. Soares, actually struck her in the face with a closed fist and began to strike her in the face with a rolling pin,” Broadwater said.

State police say the victim fell to the floor, blacking out, and Younkin began to assault her as well.

“She goes to the ground, and that’s when Mr. Younkin begins to stomp on her face,” Broadwater said.

The attack was so brutal it left “the sole impressions from his shoes on her face.”

Left bloodied, battered and dazed inside the Upper Tyrone trailer, the victim is now in a Pittsburgh hospital in critical condition with bleeding on the brain and a spinal injury.

Younkin and Soares fled the scene. Younkin turned himself in after the incident. He’s being held on bond in the Fayette County Jail charged with aggravated assault.

Soares remains on the run.