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WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — Pope Francis once said the cross is a reminder of how much evil people are capable of, and how much love Jesus had for a sinful humanity.

In Wilkinsburg, a Good Friday “Way of the Cross” service highlighted how the crucifixion of Christ translates into what participants call “evils still present today.”

The service started at St. James Catholic Church.

Parishioners walked a one-mile path to The Christian Church of Wilkinsburg.

Along the way, they stopped at various locations to pray for social problems still present in our communities, including gun violence, injustice, war, poverty and homelessness.

Cathy Raffaele, a parishioner at St. James, says all those evils continue to this day.

“It’s Christ crucified again and again,” says Raffaele.

Sister Carol Dougherty with Sisters Of Charity Of Seton Hill says the goal of Friday’s walk is simple.

“We want to bring peace, to give people hope and to work to change the unjust structures,” says Dougherty.

Sister Barbara Finch of St. Mary Of The Mount says this group sees their work as a direct reflection of the work Jesus started thousands of years ago.

“We are the arms and feet of Jesus and we need to solve the problems,” says Finch.

Raffaele adds, “Change will come if enough people speak up.”