By Jon Delano

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — PA Rep. Rick Saccone says his fellow Republican PA Sen. Guy Reschenthaler’s attack on him is disappointing.

“I’m very disappointed,” Saccone told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Monday. “I consider Guy a friend. I’ve tried to mentor him in his short political career.”

Because Saccone narrowly lost in the old 18th Congressional District won by President Trump by nearly twenty points, Reschenthaler calls Saccone an embarrassment.

“Put it this way,” Reschenthaler said last Thursday, “he embarrassed everybody in southwestern Pennsylvania with the last campaign.”

Not so, says Saccone, who sees sour grapes from Rescenthaler because Saccone defeated him to be the Republican candidate in the old 18th.

“It is interesting that the two people I defeated in the conferee process last November are now teaming up to be against me,” says Saccone.

That would be Reschenthaler and Westmoreland PA Sen. Kim Ward who came in third to Saccone and now backs Reschenthaler in the new 14th Congressional District comprised of Washington, Greene, Fayette, and the western half of Westmoreland County.

Sour grapes?

“It’s certainly something people will have to consider when they listen to statements like that,” says Saccone.

Reschenthaler is also using a Democratic attack on Saccone.

“I refuse to take per diems. He’s taken over $400,000 worth of per diems,” claims Reschenthaler.

“Every year I give money back to the taxpayers from what I am authorized to spend,” claims Saccone. “I don’t take the state pension. I don’t take the state car. He does take the state pension.”

Underlying the sniping back and forth between the two Republicans is another issue.

“He not only lost. We squandered $11 million in that race,” says Reschenthaler.

Maybe, but it bought Saccone valuable name recognition that Reschenthaler lacks in the new 14th.

Which is why later this week Reschenthaler will start his own TV ads.

“I’m running for Congress to stop Beltway liberals from doing more damage. It will be tough, but I faced down the butcher of Fallujah. The DC swamp creatures are in for a fight,” says Reschenthaler in his TV ad.

Reschenthaler or Saccone?

Republican voters will decide in just six weeks.