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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A recent Facebook scam is trying to trick amusement park-goers.

A post has been popping up on Facebook that appears to offer a coupon for five free tickets to Kennywood Park to anyone who clicks on the link and fills out a survey.

Kennywood warns park-goers that the survey is a scam that is not affiliated with the park in any way.

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Similar scams have also popped up on Facebook claiming to offer free passes to other amusement parks in Pennsylvania.

“The big red flag is that it’s ran through an unaffiliated web site,” Nick Paradise, Kennywood’s director of public relations and social media, said. “Any official Kennywood sweepstakes or survey would be ran through”

Paradise also says another red flag is that the scam claims to be offering tickets in honor of the park’s 125th anniversary, but this year is only the park’s 120th season of operations.