By Jon Delano

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s pretty likely you’ve heard of Stormy Daniels.

“She’s a porn star and she’s in, whatever, a Trump story,” says Brian Rishel of Robinson.

That’s for sure.

President Trump’s lawyer admits he paid her hush money just before the election to keep Daniels quiet about an alleged sexual relationship with Trump.

And on Monday Daniels sued the President for defamation.

“The work that she’s doing litigating Donald Trump especially in the context of the MeToo movement is I think wonderful, fantastic, and overdue,” notes Justin Wasser of Spring Hill.

This week Daniels is coming to Pittsburgh, but not to speak out about Trump, but rather to ply her trade as, what the brochure calls, the most famous porn star in history.

“I think it’s exciting for Pittsburgh,” says Albert Bortz, owner of Blush, the gentlemen’s club and sports bar in downtown Pittsburgh.

She’s making her third visit to Pittsburgh appearing at Blush.

“She’s worked for me twice in Pittsburgh,” Bortz said.


This is her first appearance here since the Trump story broke.

“She was a good draw but obviously this is a different animal this time,” Blush owner Albert Bortz told KDKA money & politics editor Jon Delano on Tuesday.

Bortz expects a good crowd with ticket prices ranging from $20 to $40.

So what exactly will Daniels do at the strip club?

“Just what they all do. You know she’s good at it. She’s a professional,” says Bortz.

Ever the salesman, Bortz adds, “She’s worth seeing.”

But it’s a late night performance scheduled for after the Pens game later this week.

Stormy Daniels will give two performances both on Wednesday night and Thursday night, one at 10:30 p.m. and another at around 12:30 a.m.

No word on how much she will be paid in Pittsburgh, but industry analysts say porn stars of her caliber should make between $5,000 and $20,000 for an appearance.

“A lot of people are calling. They’re checking it out. We’ve sold quite a few tickets on Wednesday and Thursday also,” says Bortz.

KDKA couldn’t find many males admitting they’d go see her, but this woman voiced support for Daniels for standing up to the president.

“I wonder what kind of crowd she’s going to get. I bet it’s not going to be just a bunch of gentlemen. Probably be a lot of women there showing their support for her,” said Missy Finnell of Robinson.

The national notoriety certainly hasn’t hurt Stormy Daniels’ appearances across the country.

In fact, she’s booked up through 2018.

After she finishes up early Friday morning here in Pittsburgh, it’s off to Staten Island and then Philadelphia.