By David Highfield

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It normally starts with a whimper and then escalates to a full-blown howl.

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The dog, a pug, is named Charleston Chew, and given how loud he can be, he must a good set of lungs.

Charleston is nearly blind, and howls because of his new surroundings and when he can’t find his owner.

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So, his owner has posted an apology to her new neighbors which has gone viral.

“He was diagnosed a diabetic about two years ago, and since then he started developing cataracts and his separation anxiety has gotten worse,” said owner Sharla Wilson.

Charleston is 11-years-old. They live in an apartment building in Downtown Pittsburgh.

“So moving into a new place where he doesn’t know where any of the furniture is, and he’s bumping into walls and he can’t see anything,” said Wilson. “He would meander off into some corner… and start howling at the top of his lungs.”

The apology is thoughtful and written as though it’s from Charleston.

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“The sign basically explains he’s an old man now and he has cataracts. And he’s very sorry for howling,” Wilson says.

Megan Jones lives in the building and noticed the apology.

“I snapped a picture and put it on my Twitter and said, ‘You can howl all you want Charleston, honey!'” said Jones.

The post took off with 449,000 likes so far.

“Yes. It’s crazy,” said Jones.

Wilson says: “My phone is just like zz, zz, zz. I looked it, and I had like 410 new notifications.”

Internet news sources are now writing about Charleston. And some pet companies have sent free items, such as a remote camera to monitor and even speak to him when Wilson’s gone.

Charleston is also now on Twitter with the handle, @CharlestonPug.

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And while Wilson hopes the howling slows down as he gets used to his new surroundings, so far he’s still at it.

David Highfield