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CARRICK (KDKA) – Residents in Carrick are cleaning up after heavy rains caused flooding and damage Wednesday night.

The rains caused a tree to topple and crash through a woman’s roof along Stewart Avenue.

“Tree came down and collapsed the roof, there is a gaping hole in the house,” laura Doyle said.

carrick tree home Heavy Rains Cause Flooding, Tree To Crash Into Carrick Home

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The rain did not let up and left behind mud and damage.

“I guess it started around 6 and by 7, the water jumped the road and it flooded all of our houses and it was like a river,” Doyle said.

Other neighbors along Stewart Avenue were not spared. Aaron White said he and his wife didn’t expect this.

“We didn’t think much of it, we were eating dinner, my wife went to take the plates into the kitchen and she saw water coming through our back door and it rolled right into our family room,” White said.

Getting to their homes is proving to be a little tricky since much of the road buckled and is cracking from floodwaters.

“It starts at the top of this hill, rolls down right over the curb and the city really hasn’t done much about it and it basically destroys every single one of our driveways,” White said.

The Dairy Queen parking lot on Route 51 was also lifted by rainfall and flooding. Sandbags were placed by the door to keep out the water.

Meanwhile, more rain is in the forecast and the folks along Stewart Avenue can only wait and hope for the best.

“I hope the city does something about it as far as helping us out, we’ll see what happens,” White said.