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WEST ELIZABETH (KDKA) — A fire hydrant blew its top, shooting thousands of gallons of water into the air in the small borough of West Elizabeth Friday evening.

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It happened at the corner of Ferry and Market Streets around 6 p.m., but what caused the hydrant to break was not immediately known.

Fortunately, no one was hurt by the heavy metal cover.



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Eddy Rodriguez, his wife and children live nearby.

He told KDKA-TV News, “I was working on my truck, and all of a sudden, I heard a pop. I looked up and the fire hydrant was shooting out water. It looked like 45 to 50 feet into the air. I told my wife to call 911, but she was too nervous, so I called 911.”

“The water started coming more and more,” neighbor Maria Rodriguez said. “It wasn’t clear water. It started hitting the [electric] wires, and the wires started dancing. I was afraid.”

A construction site across the street from the broken hydrant was flooded, and at least one nearby home sustained water damage.

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(Photo Credit: KDKA_

After about an hour, the water stopped gushing out when crews finally managed to shut off the flow to the hydrant.

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“The hydrant was not in use. It was wrapped up in yellow plastic, not even the fire department could use it. It’s been almost a year since it was shut off,” Rodriguez said.