By Bob Allen

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ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An ordinance banning residents from feeding deer will be introduced Monday at the Ross Township Board of Commissioners meeting.

Residents in one neighborhood say they’re under siege by a herd of about 20 deer and a flock of 15 wild turkeys.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The problem is a neighbor feeds the animals at least twice a day despite complaints to stop.

“They heard the garage door and they all took off up the hill because they knew the sound of the garage door meant food,” resident Ron Dandrea said.

Neighbors are concerned about the spread of lyme disease from ticks on deer.

“The presence of the deer here increase the risk of those ticks on animals and on people, and the population here has increased,” Ross Township commissioner Dan DeMarco said.

(Photo Credit: Ross Township Resident)

They also complain about animal droppings and the destruction of plants and shrubs.

“I grow a lot of vegetables. I grow a lot of flowers. That’s something I like to do,” Dandrea said. “They’re destroying, even just walking through my yard. There’s so many.”

DeMarco says the state Game Commission is recommending an ordinance banning deer feeding.

“I’m guessing around June, mid-June, we’ll have the ordinance in place and we can begin the process of hopefully reducing the population of the deer,” he said.