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BELLEVUE, Pa. (KDKA) – A different kind of active shooter drill is all about saving lives while a shooter might still be active.

Pittsburgh’s first responders took part in special training on Wednesday at Allegheny County General Hospital’s suburban campus in Bellevue.

Rescue forces, led by three Pittsburgh Police Officers, escort EMT Trained firefighters and paramedics into active shooter zones.

shooter drill Special Training Aimed At Getting First Responders To Victims Quicker

Photo Credit: KDKA

They work in relatively secure areas, but there’s no guarantee they’re not going to encounter shooter or shooters.

“(Victims) are going to be hemorrhaging they are going to be bleeding out its critical that we get in there,” Sgt. Eric Kroll said.

Historically, in an active shooter situation, emergency personnel would stay at a distance until the scene was safe. This training is all about getting medial help to the victims quicker.

Training sessions will be held each Wednesday, and it’s expected that every first responder in the city will be trained within a year.