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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What would you do if Facebook shut down your page? What would you do if you were falsely accused of being a sex offender in the process?

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It happened to a local woman. She panicked, but then decided to Get Marty.

“I was shocked. I was sitting there on Facebook, then it was gone. I no longer existed,” says Autumn Melvin.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

When Facebook disabled Melvin’s page, she was devastated. All of her family pictures were on the site, including pictures of her deceased husband.

“I had no idea why Facebook took my page down. I reached out to them at least 30 times,” she said.

Facebook finally told Melvin she was shut down because she violated their policies. Shen then found out Facebook believed she was a registered sex offender.

That’s when Get Marty got involved.

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“I had to reach out. I was accused of being a sex offender. That’s outrageous. I’ve never been arrested in my life,” Melvin said.

KDKA checked and couldn’t find as much as a traffic ticket on Melvin.

KDKA’s Get Marty then reached out to Facebook.

They responded, saying: “The profile you brought to our attention was restored. It was taken down in error. I’m sorry for the mistake.”

Facebook would not explain how it happened, but promised to reach out to Melvin to explain it to her.

“I’m happy to be back on Facebook. I’m happy I have my pictures back. I’m anxiously awaiting their phone call. I need to know what happened,” she said.

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