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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A brand-new attraction is coming to Kennywood Park in 2019. If you can guess what it is, you could be one of the first to ride it.

“It is very top secret. I know but still not even everything,” said Nick Paradise, who is the Director of Public Relations at Kennywood Park.

The new addition will be built in the spot where the Log Jammer used to be.

“It’s really going to change the landscape of Kennywood in a way that, I think, people may not even be thinking of right now,” Paradise said.

If you have a good guess, you can enter the park’s website contest called Project 412.

“Every Thursday, we’ll scratch off another number on our PROJECT 412 card, so follow along and take your best guesses at how they all add up to form Kennywood’s 2019 attraction,” the post says.

Now that all of the numbers have been revealed, Kennywood has launched a word search contest.

“We shared nine numbers previously, and today we launched a word search that contains a lot of words and phrases that describe amusement industry rides,” said Paradise.

You must correctly match the numbers to the features. If you are one of the first twelve people to do it — you win.

“(The winner) will be among the very first people to ride it when it opens in 2019. They get a lot of great behind the scenes access with Kennywood Park, with the ride manufacturers, all that stuff, and a nice prize bag full of cool swag,” said Paradise.

The second phase of the contest kicks off with the Independence Day Holiday, Paige Urichko told KDKA. She will enter the contest when she goes home from the Park.

“I’ve heard some things about it might be a rollercoaster. I’m assuming it might be something not too large, but not too small either,” said Urichko.

Frank Sigmund told KDKA he will enter the contest as well.

“I’m guessing it’s going to be a rollercoaster. Not in the traditional sense, the thunderbolt and nostalgia here, but something more technologically with the times,” said Sigmund.

Fans can submit one guess per day through noon on July 16.

For more information, visit their website here.