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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Fabulous in fur.

The Furries are back and are flaunting their fuzz for another year at “Anthrocon.”

“There are many furry conventions, but Anthrocon is the best and I love Pittsburgh so much,” said Wilson, a Furry from Florida.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Their perky tails and smiling eyes leave paw prints of a lasting impression everywhere they go. But behind the colorful costumes, there is a combination of stigma and stereotypes. So this year, in addition to the fun, the Furries are taking part in some scientific research.

“We’re trying to understand all aspects of attendees lives,” said Ash Darosh of Visit Pittsburgh. “They’re looking at the sociological aspects of what do you do for a living, where do you live, what was your life like as a child?”

According to, only 55 percent of Furries share their so-called ‘Fursonas’ with friends. Furries are almost twice as likely to experience bullying as the average person. Furries are also most likely to face disapproval from the general public.

“I think they should accept everybody for whoever you are and whatever you want to do,” said Penny Pennline of New York.

And it’s the warm Pittsburgh welcome that keeps these critters coming back, year after year.

“This little corner of downtown Pittsburgh kind of belongs to us for the weekend and we love that,” said Abraham, a Furry from Toldedo. “We love coming down here and we get the reciprocated back to us and that’s what keeps us coming back.”