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BUTLER (KDKA) — A husband and wife are facing charges after the toddler they were supposed to be watching fell out of a second-story window, but the man says he shouldn’t be held responsible.

Both Michael Blontz and his wife Ruth Blontz are charged with endangering the welfare of children. Michael said he was sleeping when the 2-year-old fell out of a second-story window and denies ever telling his wife not to call 911.

“They’re trying to charge me with endangering the welfare of a child when I was sleeping and I didn’t really know what the heck was going on,” he said.

Police said the boy fell on the cement below and the window lock wasn’t working.

Michael denies what Ruth told police when she was questioned.

“She told police I had said, ‘check him over, don’t call 911, he’s fine.’ I’m not like that,” Michael said.

Police said they only learned that the boy fell out of the window the next day when someone called 911.

“Several hours until next morning and the child was complaining of pain and they just ignored it, which is hard to believe,” Deputy Chief David Adam, of the City of Butler Police Department, said.

(Photo Credit: Butler County Jail)

Blontz said his wife checked the boy over and he didn’t appear to have any broken bones.

“He had a scrape, like a concrete rash, on his one ankle. He had a little scratch on his nose and a bump, I guess, on his head I didn’t see,” Michael said.

Michael said the toddler’s mom told the couple she only needed them to watch her son and his older sister for an hour and would be back, but she never replied when Michael said his wife reached out.

“Numerous times she tried to text the mother. The mother never answered back ’til 9:30 following morning,” he said.

The boy’s mom told police she was told her son fell down the steps of the home.

The child was taken to Children’s Hospital. Turns out he had a fractured pelvis.

KDKA’s Amy Wadas also knocked on the door of the home where the toddler’s mom lives but no one answered.

Police said CYS is involved in this case.

The Blontz’s also have three kids under 13 that were home at the time. Michael said they have since been placed in foster care for now.