By Amy Wadas

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MILLVALE (KDKA) — Nichole Parks is in the midst of flood cleanup after her basement in Millvale flooded. She is also dealing with losing her job.

“I called off Friday. I had no choice but to call off Friday. Saturday, I had no choice but to call off. My landlord didn’t get here until Sunday because he was on vacation,” Parks said.

(Photo Credit: Nichole Parks)

Parks was a waitress at Kretzler’s Tavern on Babcock Boulevard in Ross Township. When she told co-owner Jason Kretzler she couldn’t make it to work, he said over text: “You need to come to work to work or you don’t have a job. I’m 100% for real.”

Parks responded by saying: “I am sorry but I cannot. My kids lost everything and I am trying to save everything so that my kids have clothes. I still have water in my basement and today is the last day that I’m going to have help.”

Jason responded by saying: “I’m sorry to hear that but I have a business to run so you have a choice to make.”

“You’re supposed to be a family-owned restaurant,” Parks said. “Anybody would pick their family over a job.”

“It was selfish and unprofessional. So Jason is kinda suspended on leave right now,” Brandon Kretzler, the president of the restaurant, said.

Brandon was out of town the weekend all of this happened.

Amy Wadas: “How would you have handled that if she were talking to you?”
Brandon: “I would have given her the night off.”
Amy: “Do you think it’s appropriate Jason fired Nichole?”
Brandon: “No … I would like her to come back.”
Amy: “Have you told her that?”
Brandon: “I have not, no.”
Amy: “So you’re saying you are going to or will offer Nichole her job back?”
Brandon: “I would, if she would want it back, yes.”

But when asked what she would do if they offered her job back, Parks said, “Absolutely not, no way.”

Parks lost her brand new washer and dryer when her basement flooded.

Brandon said he would do what he could to help Parks out and plans on buying her a new washer and dryer.

As for co-owner Jason, again, he’s been suspended without pay.