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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police are warning people in the city, and the Brookline neighborhood in particular, to be on the lookout for nighttime vandals.

There has been a lot of damage to cars parked along the streets. On Chelton Avenue alone, in Brookline, KDKA spotted seven cars that were keyed.

“Residents in the Brookline area are being affected the most by this,” said Alicia George, Pittsburgh Public Safety Assistant Spokesperson.

Dorothy Conway learned her car was keyed when her neighbor said it happened to her.

“There were several in a row that they did. In fact, some got it real light. Other ones you can actually see where the paint is coming off the cars,” said Conway.

Turns out, the keying only scratches the surface when it comes to the recent outbreak of vandalism in Pittsburgh.

“We’ve had tires slashed, we’ve had windows broken out of vehicles. We also had a television that was stolen from the rear deck of the same vicinity,” said Det. Dawn Mercurio, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

Police released some surveillance video that they obtained. If you think you recognize the man in it, please give Zone 6 plainclothes detectives a call.

(Source: Pittsburgh Police)

“If you have any surveillance video cameras affixed to your house, review that. You may have something that you captured that might be helpful to us,” said Det. Mercurio.

To help protect yourself, Det. Mercurio advises keeping the outside lights on your house turned on, always locking the doors to your car and leaving nothing valuable in sight.

“These are occurring in the middle of the night, between midnight and 5 a.m.,” said Det. Mercurio.

“It’s very upsetting because you think you go to bed at night and everything is fine. Then, you wake up the next day only to find damage has been done to your car,” said Conway.

Police are recommending residents be extra vigilant.

“Be on the lookout for anyone walking around, any noises you might hear outside of your house, call 911 immediately,” said Det. Mercurio. “We’re going to figure out who did this and you’re going to be held accountable.”