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AMBRIDGE (KDKA) – Police are investigating after two bodies were found inside a Beaver County home Tuesday night.

Ambridge Police say a woman called 911 around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night complaining of a strong odor near her yard. When police got there, they realized that odor was coming from the home. The fire department and HAZMAT were called to the scene and police set up several tents around the house.

Inside, they found two decomposing bodies. One body was in the hallway upstairs, while the other body was in a bed.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

One of the men was believed to be in poor health.

“What we’re understanding from the neighbors, one of the elderly gentleman was taking care of the other one that had some health issues,” said Lt. Brian Jameson with Ambridge Police.

However, it is unclear how the men died at this time.

“In the mere fact that there was two bodies found makes it a little suspicious and want to err on the side of caution and called the Butler R and I unit out to process the scene,” said Lt. Jameson.

“We thought they moved a couple months ago because we haven’t seen anybody,” said neighbor Chelsea McBeth. “Every week for garbage week they would just use Dollar General bags so they would have 20 Dollar General bags sitting out for trash and then a couple months ago no more trash.”

Shuan Duguay delivers the newspaper to the neighborhood everyday and says he noticed a smell starting on Sunday.

“That would probably explain the smell that we had the last couple of days,” said Duguay.

“It’s very weird for especially how long they could be in there and none of us knew. it’s sad,” said McBeth.

State police are also assisting in the investigation.  Autopsies are scheduled for this evening.