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WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — It’s been exactly one week since a woman was viciously attacked by three German Shepherds in Penn Township.

The woman was scheduled to have her third surgery at Allegheny General Hospital on Wednesday, but doctors believe Amy Demi’s wounds haven’t yet healed enough after she was mauled by three dogs last Tuesday afternoon.

“She was delivering a package for UPS,” Her boyfriend, Bob Armstrong, told KDKA TV News. “She went to a house, she looked around, she knew there were dogs, but they were in the house at the time. She went by the garage, and the next thing she knows, one comes out of the house, and went for her leg, after that, the other two came out, and joined in.”

Armstrong also works for UPS. He said he was driving out of state when she called him from the ambulance after the dog attack.

The incident happened on Durst Road in Penn Township. The owner of the canines and his son were finally able to pull the dogs off Demi after they heard her screams.

“She’s bitten from her chest, all the way down to her toes,” Armstrong said. “Her ankles, knees, buttocks, both wrists, her chest, the dogs even scratched her back.”

Most of the photos Armstrong showed KDKA-TV of Demi’s wounds are simply too graphic to show on TV. The wounds are deep, they look like shark bites. One of those bites narrowly missed an artery.

Demi is the lead singer in a local rock group called Switch – Armstrong says she’s not only hurting physically, but suffering emotionally as well.

“It’s horrible to watch somebody you love go through that,” Armstrong said. “She’s having flashbacks, she can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.”

No charges have been filed in connection with the incident.