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SOUTH FAYETTE (KDKA) – An overnight crash in South Fayette shut down a busy roadway for the morning commute.

A red flatbed tow truck crashed into a telephone pole on Washington Pike, which snapped the pole in half. The crash brought down the power transformer and it leaked fluid onto the roadway.

Crews on scene said the driver accidentally accelerated while turning into Colussy Chevrolet. He reportedly told police that his work boot became wedged between the gas pedal and the brake. The driver was dropping off a van at the dealership’s collision center just before 1 a.m.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The driver was not injured, but the crash knocked out power for up to 500 customers overnight.

“When I got here, the pole was across the hood of his truck and lying across the road and into the lot across the street,” said Tim Colussy, owner of Colussy Chevrolet.

The crash shut down Washington Pike between Danielle Drive and the Bursca Business Park for the entire morning commute and also knocked out the power to nearby traffic signals.

Employees at Colussy Chevrolet watched as crews replaced the telephone pole and removed the oil from roadway using oil absorbing socks.

“Without power, it’s pretty tough,” said Colussy. He said he was operating with a small staff until the power came back online.

The road was closed between the Giant Eagle Get Go and Bubba’s Burgers.

Bubba posted to Twitter saying he was, “running a Washington Pike special once we get open to offset everyone’s inconvenience this morning.”

Bridgeville’s Police Department posted on Facebook saying, in part, “If your morning commute takes you through Bridgeville, parts of South Fayette and/or Washington Ave./Pike, you may want to call off today. Because, if you don’t, I guarantee the morning commute will make you sick.”

Bridgeville Police reported the road reopened around 1:30 p.m.