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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pennsylvania’s favorite PBS Kids show probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone here in Pittsburgh.

Telecommunications company CenturyLink collected a list of the most talked about PBS Kids shows since 2004 and ran that list of shows through Google Trends for each state to find out which show they’re talking about the most.

According to their findings, Pennsylvania’s favorite show is, of course, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

This doesn’t come as much of a shock considering Fred Rogers was from the Pittsburgh area and the show was filmed at WQED studios in Pittsburgh.

What may surprise you, however, is the fact that “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” doesn’t appear anywhere else on the map.

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The favorite show in most states is “Reading Rainbow.” Other popular shows include “Arthur,” “Barney and Friends,” and “Wishbone.”

The study points out that “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” seems to be a special case.

“Just because a show is filmed in a particular state doesn’t necessarily mean it’s that state’s fave,” the study says.

They go on to point out that “Barney and Friends” was filmed in Texas, but that state’s favorite show is “Wishbone.” Similarly, “Sesame Street” is filmed in New York, but their favorite show is “Barney and Friends.”

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