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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) – Folks are fed up and taking to social media, voicing their frustration about a monument business in Washington County. They claim Moreland Vaults and Monuments is not holding up their end of the deal in setting purchased headstones.

During a span of five months, Jody Francis experienced tremendous heartbreak. First, she lost her husband and then her mother.

“I mean it hasn’t been easy,” said Francis.

Throughout her grieving process, there’s been added stress.

“I was just given excuse after excuse as to why they weren’t in place,” said Francis.

In May of 2017, Francis said she paid Moreland Vaults and Monuments nearly $10,000 for the two headstones to be set at Washington Cemetery.

“It was like 16 months and they finally got my husband’s in place and now I’m waiting for them to do my parents’,” said Francis.

Sick of staring at the plywood where the second headstone should be, and guessing she was not alone, Francis took to Facebook.

“And I probably got 50 or 60 comments of people who it has happened to or know someone it’s happened to,” said Francis.

Moreland Vaults and Monuments is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They have been given an “F” rating after five complaints have been filed against them.

KDKA went there and saw a truck making a delivery, but the office was closed. The manager called us back later. She said they are working to get the stones in and that weather has been the biggest factor in the delays.

“I just want the stone set, so I can move on. This is just hovering over me. And I’m doing everything I thought my parents would want me to do,” said Francis.

She told KDKA she has heard the excuse about the weather before and what’s happening is unacceptable.

“If you can’t deliver the goods, don’t take the business,” said Francis.