By Amy Wadas

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YOUNGWOOD (KDKA) – A 30-year-old man with Skowronek Landscaping and Excavating was driving a lawn tractor in Youngwood when it overturned.

The accident happened Friday morning on Hayden Way. Crews initially thought the tractor was on fire when they got the call.

“The tractor was not on fire at the time. I think it was smoking when someone was at the scene and they called it in,” said Youngwood Fire Chief Lloyd Crago. “It took us about 15-20 minutes to get the tractor off of him. He was cutting over a 1,000-pound machine.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The man was flown to the hospital from the Youngwood Fire Department.

“He’s been life-flighted because he did lose consciousness. He did have a 1,000-pound machine lying on top of him for 15-20 minutes,” said Crago.

A few people were nearby when the accident happened.

“There was another person cutting grass and the homeowner witnessed it landing, but didn’t see it when it started. The other guy was cutting grass. He was on the other end of the yard,” said Crago.

Officials aren’t sure if the tractor ran into problems due to the wet grass or some other reason.