Fresh off an unbelievable experience on BlacKkKlansman, Ashlie Atkinson didn’t think it would get any better than working with director Spike Lee and star John David Washington.

Her thoughts quickly changed when she traveled to Pittsburgh to work on the new CBS All-Access show “One Dollar.” Atkinson spent six months in Pennsylvania filming the mystery thriller about a small rust belt town in the post-recession era.

“I had so much fun on BlacKkKlansman and thought nothing was going to top that,” said Atkinson in an interview with CBS Local. “Then I got to spend six months in Pittsburgh with all of these people who are my loves. I thought I got all my lovin’ out on BlacKkKlansman. All of these kids in One Dollar are so great. Josh Bitton is one of the finest actors I’ve ever worked with in my entire life.”

“One Dollar” features Hollywood stars such as John Carroll Lynch and Greg Germann. Atkinson has been friends for years with Phil Ettinger, who plays Garrett Drimmer on the show, and got to make many other new friends during this experience.

“It was a really great crew to rumble with for six months in a town where none of us really knew anybody,” said Atkinson. “It was awesome. We were all going out to dinner with each other every night. Nobody’s families were there, so it was like camp, a six month summer camp.”

The show takes place in a fictional steel mill town called Braden, Pennsylvania. Atkinson plays a steel mill worker named Terri Mitchell, who has a 10-year-old son named Little Ricky and a husband Rick that is in and out of the picture. Atkinson loves that the show starts off with a bang and hopes people will stick around to see how it all unfolds.

“In episode one, some steel mill workers walk in during the morning and there’s blood everywhere. The police forensics discover it is the blood of seven different people and that none of them could’ve lived. And that’s how we start the series,” said Atkinson.

Stream “One Dollar” right now on CBS All-Access.